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How was TaxChopper Ranked Number One?

Three years in a row, TaxChopper has been ranked No.1 among all Canadian online tax programs.

Unlike many other tax software reviewers who only comment on user friendliness and price, Canadian Financial DIY designed a comprehensive scoring system which includes accuracy, user friendliness and response time.

In the beginning, like most other software commentators, Mr. Lespérance had the assumption that all CRA-certified software would produce the same tax refund based on the same set of numbers. He entered his own numbers into all listed online tax programs. To his surprise, he found these programs produced various tax results with differences of more than a thousand dollars in refund. Some of them were plainly wrong, some of them, including the most famous one, had the same results. But TaxChopper was different and gave him $35 more refund. Common sense told him that the tycoon could not be wrong (they are million-dollar companies, how can it be?); TaxChopper must be!

After reading his comments, we contacted him and explained the calculations and the related tax forms and publications from CRA. He read them himself, and started to believe we might be correct. Then he contacted CRA, which confirmed that our calculations were indeed correct - all other competitors just ignored his well-deserved deductions.

After this, he re-tested other tax scenarios and, without any surprise, we always produced the maximum refund or least tax owing, no matter how complicated or simple the scenarios were.

In his verdict, he wrote: "A tax expert system - Delivers on the biggest refund / lowest tax to pay promise. Best value for money".

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